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About Wellness House in Yakima, WA

Wellness House was established in 1988 to help cancer patients and their families in and around Yakima, Washington. When Mazie Meade was diagnosed with multiple cancers, her fighting spirit made her determined to change her fate and share this positive attitude with our community. At the time, there weren't a lot of support services or resources in the Yakima area. Realizing there was a need, she wanted to make sure that people dealing with similar challenges had somewhere to go for support. She envisioned a place where people and their families could come together and talk about their experiences.

The meetings took place in in her home until the space became too small for the number of guests. For a few years, they met in borrowed and shared spaces, while always carrying along a laundry basket filled with books and articles the many attendees had collected. We still refer to this as our original library! After five years of shifting locations, members of this close-knit Yakima Valley community launched a campaign to buy a building and create what now serves as Wellness House and houses the Mazie Meade Memorial Library.

We are a small organization of four staff members and we rely heavily on the amazing support of our many volunteers. At Wellness House our goal is to create communities of hope and support. If you think you would benefit from becoming a part of our community, call us at 509-575-6686 or stop by and see us today!

The Staff:

Margaret Filkins

Margaret Filkins

Executive Director

Margaret has been with Wellness House since 2007 as the Development Director and then as the Executive Director. Margaret graduated from Lakeside School in Seattle and later earned a degree in business from the University of Puget Sound. She has used her education and experience to enrich the lives of others by serving her community for over eighteen years. As the Executive Director, she consistently acts as a responsible steward of donations and resources, keeping Wellness House stable throughout an unstable economy, while furthering Mazie's dream. Margaret's passion stems from the experience of working with the "amazing supporters, survivors, and volunteers of Wellness House". While she humbly gives credit to others, Margaret is a true inspiration to us all personally and professionally.

Amy Zook

Amy Zook

Program Director and Counselor

Amy was hired as a part time Client Advocate, in-house Counselor, and Facilitator for the Women's Depression Support Group, after completing her internship placement through Washington State University in April of 2008. While Amy continues to provide counseling and group facilitation, she is now the full-time Program Director designing and creating programs to expand services in keeping with the mission of Wellness House and Mazie's dreams, and helping raise funds to support our programs. Amy holds a BA in Human Development with a minor in Psychology from Washington State University. Aside from counseling, Amy was a successful business owner for over eleven years. Due to her personal experiences, she was called away from business administration to serve others on their wellness journey.

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